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As part of the renovation of my house I have been conscious that it would be good to reduce the energy demand of the building to not only reduce its impact on the environment, but also to reduce the ever increasing energy bills.

Apart from improving the insulation and reducing draft's as part of the renovation, I also intend to make and fit solar heating array and possibly given time, experiment with a solar sterling generator. When I get round to it the progress will be logged on this page.

Solar Panel Parabolic Mirror

Parabolic dish

Calculating your energy use

Not all energy companies make it easy for you to calculate the cost of your energy usage, possibly because not being able to work it out yourself means you aren't necessarily aware to how much you are paying. The following is how I keep track of my costs.


Converting to kWh

Gas is probably the most difficult fuel to calculate the usage because the majority of meter in the UK record the gas usage in cubic feet rather than kilowhat hours. The conversion isn't streight foreward.

imperial units
metric conversion factor
calorific value
of gas
to convert
to kWh
gas used
in kWh

In a spreadsheet the following formula will work assuming you put your units of gas used in cell A1 and this formula in cell B1


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