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House Extension House Insulation

Bedroom, Bathroom and Study built over my garage.

House with existing garage extension

This was our house with the garage I had built about 15 years ago

Breaking out for the new floor joists

The existing garage roof sloped down to the back of the house well above the position of the new floor joists. The first job was to take out the dividing wall between the garage and hall to the level of the new floor joists.

Garage roof cutaway to work on outer wall

The garage roof was cut away and propped up off the new floor joists. A temporary felt roof cover was laid over the cutaway section. This allowed me to build the outer wall with the house and garage still sealed to the weather.

Lifting the Universal Beam Perlins

Lifting the Steel perlins into position was a heavy job and called for help from family and friends

Front Dormer Framework

The front dormer was constructed off the existing double 225mm x 50mm beam. It meant the front of the garage was now exposed to the weather, so time was of the essence.

Front Elevation weather seal

The front elevation was felted out to provide an initial weather seal.
Inner Partitions

With the outside weather sealed it was time to start on the inner partition walls.

Improving the Insulation of the Existing House

With the extension complete and a much warmer environment to live in I decided to improve the insulation levels in the rest of the house.

ompleting the rear of the house

The rear of the original bedrooms was stripped and rebuilt, insulating the existing dormers, which were originally constructed without any insulation.

Insulating the bedroom roof

The existing bedroom roof was overlaid with 100mm celotex insulation.

Diningroom roof

The dining room roof was stripped back to the rafters and again overlaid with 100mm celotex insulation.

Completed rear elevation

The finished back elevation of the house.

Back elevation of the house and garage

The back view of the house, showing the large rear garage wall. Because the house is on a bend in the road the side wall of garage follows the boundary making the back much larger than the front.

Floor joists being pocketed into external wall

The new floor joists were fitted before the roof needed to be removed.

Building the outer wall

The outer wall was then built up to the ceiling level to support the new roof perlins.

Building the pitched roof above the perlins

Once the perlins were in position i could start work on constructing the central section of the ceiling joists and roof.

Rear Dormer framework

The same problem existed with the back dormers. The garage and utility were now fully exposed to the weather and as the weather deteriorated it called for some large tarpaulins to keep the existing house dry.

Back elevation with initial weather seal

The back soon followed and the back roof was tiled with new Aston double roman tiles. A large area of the existing roof was retiled and the old tiles used on the front to match the existing.

Finished front elevation

When the weather was good I was able to complete the outside with vertical slates hung on the dormer.

Completing the slate hanging

With the outer wall completed, all that remained to do upstairs on the back of the house was to lay a warm roof on top of the existing dormer.

Felting the roof

A high spesification roofing felt was used to cover the roof.

Completed roof

The completed dining room roof.

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