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This website is a log of my hobbies, passions and projects. It will hopefully over time fill up with helpful advice to
encourage, inspire and guide others with similar interests. rab by the way are my initials Robert Andrew Burke

January 2017:
All change for 2017

This month marks the 10 year anniversary of keeping this web log of some of my hobbies, and posting articles and tutorials that have hopefully helped or inspire others to get started with graphics, or just having a go to make or repair something themselves.

For me 2017 marks a major change of direction as I embark on a new career path. If you come to this site occasionally you have probably noticed that nothing was added from mid 2015. This was because I was exhausted and being made ill from the stress of my last job. In September 2016 I parted company with my employer to take a well deserved career break and recover my health. The release from the past few years of stress has been great and I am back on track to get back to working on projects I enjoy rather than being forced to travel Europe from meeting to meeting.

My intention is to start up as a freelance Technical Artist in a few months time, and hopefully over time be able to make a living from work I enjoy and will certainly take pride in.

608 Bearing Tutorial

608 Bearing Tutorial
Updated to Blender 2.63+

A project aimed at helping me promote my artistic skills is the creation of a dedicated web site highlighting the work I will be able to do for people. It is early days yet, but it is beginning to take shape and I have enjoyed updating myself with some of the recent changes to Blender producing material for the site, and a few other projects.

Robert Burke - Illustration, website
I have set myself a deadline for April to have the site populated and fully functional, at the moment it is hosted on a sub domain of this site, the content can be seen by clicking the image above.

Though I haven't posted anything over the past 18 months it doesn't mean I have been completely inactive. A new project I have been working on since leaving work is to convert a Volkswagen T5 builders van into a
T5 Builders Van

Camper. The van had reasonable bodywork, but fairly high mileage and a number of mechanical problems.

The biggest problem turned out to be a defective glow plug, which was sheared in the cylinder head and necessitated dismantling the front of the van to make room to drill it out. A full service, new cam belt and rebuilt front suspension has knocked the van into what I hope will be a fairly reliable condition.

Once I was satisfied with the mechanics, it was on to the camper conversion with the first job being fitting the Pop-Top roof which was supplied as a kit of parts.
The roof had to be cut out, and a structural frame riveted in place to add support back to the roof.

Once the roof was on, the side and rear panels were cut out and windows bonded into position. Still to do on the outside is to paint the bumpers to match the white bodywork and refurbish the alloy wheels.

The plan is to also make and install the interior myself, hopefully by the spring it will be back on the road and providing us some great holidays around the UK.

PopTop and Windows fitted
Unfortunately the piano project detailed in the 2014 / 2015 posts turned into one of my few failures. After spending many attempts at freeing off much of the movement only for many of the hammers to seize up a day or two later. Then finding it wouldn't hold its tune for more than a few hours, meant it wasn't possible to bring it back into working condition. The 30 plus years it stood unplayed and dried out was just too much and after taking advice from a couple of piano technicians who agreed the only option was to scrap it, so unfortunately it had to go.

The pdf version of the Precision Modelling Guide has also had to go, as I now don't have an income and can't justify paying for the extra bandwidth created by the download of the guide. The guide is very out of date being written for Blender 2.49.

However for legacy purposes I will leave the online content of the guide on my tutorials page.

Precision Modelling Guide

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