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          A Day on Snowdon

A Day on Snowdon
Having given up on active sports over 15 years ago, following some serious lower back problems. I dedicated a great deal of my time to retrain myself in more academic subjects. In effect I had restructured my life so that it didn't involve getting into situations that brought on the intense back pain I used to suffer. I gave up cycling, mountain bike racing and road running for sitting at a desk designing or organising others in the various rolls I have been employed in. This sedentary lifestyle hasn't done me any favours  health wise, though the  back has  stabilised and no longer gives me the problems it used to. The lack of physical activity contributed to me suffered an ocular stroke almost two years ago. Since then I have  changed my diet and started increasing the amount of exercise, culminating this month in in a day on mount Snowdon with my son Tom.


Having walked to the summit of Snowdon several times in my younger years, I had never had the opportunity to walk the Crib Goch ridge. I would like to think I was taking Tom to the summit, but the reality is he is far more experienced at hill walking and mountaineering than me, having done the three peaks only two months earlier. My lack of fitness certainly slowed things down, but I did it and can honestly say I have not felt so alive and exhilarated for at least 20 years. Its a great sense of achievement to tick off three of my lifetime ambitions all on one day: to walk Crib Goch, to be on a mountain and look down on clouds below me and to be at the summit of snowdon on a clear day. Not bad for a 50 year old with health problems.

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