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Posted by: D

Date: 17/02/2017
Location: Mexico
Time: 17:06:29

Hi I've been skimming your Blender tutorials for more than a year now and i always been fascinated of how proficient you are at blender working with techniques beyond of a typical blender 3D artist to a more engineering focus, and since i couldn't find materials like yours on any online educational site, i wonder if you ever thought to commercialize your skills and experience, using a site like I purchased like 15 courses from Udemy (One about blender which was mainly artistic) with prices ranging from $10 to $20 USD (with coupons or during sales), i know it doesn't seem like much but some courses have literally thousands of students, and since you said in your last blog entry that you want to start as a freelancer it could turn into a very profitable hobby, side project or personal branding tool, personally id pay for an updated course (or courses GIMP, Blender, DIY Engineering etc..) with the focus and quality of your tutorials on this site.

Sorry if my English is not proper, and hopefully you got the idea that this passion or hobby can be profitable and more than anything beneficial for both learners and teachers, and if you start teaching on some site for profit or for free count me in!

Posted by: R

Date: 26/11/2016
Location: Colorado USA
Time: 14:47:38

As new blender user and a proficient AutoCAD user, I found your tutorials extremely useful. As an amateur metal fabricator I now have a tool to discover work in 3D. I can now develop my ideas and then print them in my brand new 3D printer. I can explore the precision I am used to in CAD. This helps my engineering background move me towards and artistic hobby.

Thank you

Posted by: M

Date: 22/11/2016
Location: Gailey, Staffs.
Time: 17:16:30

Rob, we've communicated before but I didnt leave a message last time.
Your website is both inspiring and worrying.
I need to know how you find the time to not only do the projects we all want to do ...... but also find time to detail them on a website.
My lathe, miller, box of tools are gaining cobwebs whilst I only have time to read about what I want to do!!

Posted by: D

Date: 16/05/2016
Location: Moscow
Time: 10:06:08

Hello Robert!
Big thanks for the Precision Modeling for Blender.
If you're ever in Moscow - I'll be very glad to meet with you, show the city.
I'm a member of - so you can stay in my flat.

Posted by: G

Date: 30/12/2015
Location: Virginia
Time: 15:13:29

Fortunately (or unfortunately) we seem to share some of the same interests. I admit that I'm getting too old for mountain trekking but I did some years ago.

Right now I'm trying to learn Blender so that I can replace Inventor. My intent is to use Blender and a CNC to help with model railroad projects.


Posted by: s

Date: 23/10/2015
Location: Stephenville TX
Time: 15:46:09

I have bounced from CAD software to Blender and keep reverting back to Blender.
Thanks for posting all of this great work. I am currently back on a fairly large project and using Blender once again. I will certainly be referencing your work.
Your site is awesome!

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